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My Workspace, a Microsoft Garage project

Helping you be more productive

My Workspace, a Microsoft Garage project, is an app that gives Mac users quick and convenient access to their Office 365 apps and features, so that they can be more efficient and productive.

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day, at a glance

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Our Team

Annalies Turley

Software Developer Intern

Irene Woo

Software Developer Intern

Mehvash Fatima

UX Designer Intern

Michael Cesario

Software Developer Intern

Noa Avigad

Software Developer Intern

Taimoor Rana

Software Developer Intern

Carla Trevisi

UX Coach

Enrico Guld

UX Coach

Evgeny Vinnik

Developer Coach

Jenna Finlayson

Developer Coach

Mahesh Kamat

UX Coach

Patrick Lewis

Developer Coach

Joey Frohlinger

Project Sponsor

Rajarshi Mallik

Project Sponsor

Grace Lam

Program Manager Intern

Mark Schramm

Technical Advisor

Steve Fisher

UX Advisor

Stephane Morichere-Matte

Senior Program Manager